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Sunday, February 3, 2013

February 3: Every Day is Super Bowl Sunday

Americans gather and get excited to cheer and celebrate their team. They eat, share a vision. The honor and validate the stars of the sport of football. Success and prosperity principles are often taught and seen frequently on the field. Great passes and fantastic teamwork make for an amazing experience called Super Bowl Sunday. 
Each Sunday at Spirit Space, we experience that same energy, excitement, teamwork and prosperity. The difference is we don't honor football teams, we honor the wisdom of the ages and all its team players. Some of the same principles for success that will take a team to the Super Bowl are the same principles we teach. Every day of your life can be Super Bowl Sunday. Join us for some good coaching.

To listen to and/or download Sherry's reasoning, click the link below:

Reasons to Go Within (for Wednesday night discussion):
1. Was there any "a-ha!" moment regarding the Reasoning?
2. What would add to the Billionaires' Secret to Success List, your #10.
3. In the game of life, what is the most difficult for you when there is: unnecesary roughness, injuries, fumbling the ball, interference, commentaries, lack of support?   And, how do you recover?  In other words, what do you do to get back in the game?

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